• The Green Wall noise abatement walls, or rather Green Wall acoustic panels, are one of the most commonly used sound-absorbing elements for constructing barriers supposed to limit road noise reaching buildings located alongside roads and motorways. Among other things, this is due to the very good acoustic parameters of these panels, long durability, ease of installation, high aesthetics and relatively low total cost.

    Structural description of a Green Wall panel:

    1. The panel’s structural element is the manufacturer’s own corrosion-resistant galvanized frame. The structure of such frames differs depending on the manufacturer’s solutions. The most commonly used sections are angle sections made of rolled steel, or flat bars.
    2. The panel’s stabilizing element is a steel mesh built from perpendicularly laid rods creating the so-called loops. Dimensions of rods and loops differ depending on the manufacturer of the panel.
    3. The element filling the panel is mineral wool with a thickness of min. 100kg/m3, acting as an insulating and sound wave-absorbing element.

    Green Wall acoustic panels are made in several standard sizes adapted to the support structure, and in two basic thicknesses. Installation must be performed by a trained team using specialized equipment.

    Advantages of the Green Wall noise abatement walls:

    • Acoustic parameters
      High air sound acoustic insulation evaluation factors DLR=32dB and sound absorption evaluation indices DL∞=12dB are already a standard for currently manufactured Green Wall panels. They ensure proper muffling and absorption of sound waves generated during everyday road traffic.
    • Modularity of the system
      Green Wall Panels are adapted for any given spacing of poles up to the span of 5000mm. Depending on the spacing of poles, Green Wall panels are divided into several types for spans up to 3000, 4000 and 5000mm.
    • Any height of the noise abatement wall – depending on customer needs
      The height of a Green Wall panel ranges from 500mm to 2000mm, in modules laid every 500mm. This type of division allows unlimited wall building possibilities. Green Wall panels can also be produced in non-standard formats depending on the individual design of the noise abatement wall, therefore meeting the market’s demands.
    • Durability and corrosion resistance
      Green Wall panels are entirely corrosion proofed using a zinc coating applied by immersion, giving the product a life of at least 15 years. Paint coatings provide additional protection and also significantly contribute to the attractiveness of a panel. The wide standard RAL palette enables an unlimited selection of colors, thus making the Green Wall panel not only a utility element, but also an architectural one.