POLYCASA XT is extruded, unreinforced acrylic glass. It is characterized by excellent transparency, good mechanical properties, and is resistant to UV radiation and changing weather conditions. Colorless sheets have a total light transmission of 92%. It is used primarily for transparent acoustic panels.

Available manufacturing dimensions of POLYCASA XT sheets:
– Width: 2000 or 2050mm
– Length: up to 6000mm

POLYCASA XT sheets are available in the following thicknesses:
– 12mm
– 15mm
– 20mm

All POLYCASA XT sheets are available in the following standard colors. Colors remain unchanged regardless of the sheets’ thickness. On request, any given color can be produced.

Standard color: clear.

Available colors:
clear – 92%
midnight blue – ca. 50%
steel blue – ca. 60%
sky blue – ca. 56%
forest green – ca. 62%
sea green – ca. 57%
spring green – ca. 83%
smoky brown – ca. 51%