Our current offer includes:

  • acrylic sheets PLEXIGLAS Soundstop® XT, NT, NTCC, GS, GSCC,
  • acrylic sheets by Polycasa Plastics – Polycasa XT,
  • cast acrylic sheets by Akripol Slovenia
    – unreinforced: Aglas SS,
    – reinforced: SS Premium 30
  • solid polycarbonate sheets, among others, Polycasa PC
  • aluminum panels
  • mineral glass
  • Green Wall panels
  • deliveries of ready-made aluminum-glass quarters/panels with a transparent or opaque filling
  • aluminum profile systems with seals for embedding of sheets
  • technical advice on systemic structural solutions and mounting of sheets

In order to fulfill the market’s demand for deliveries of transparent fillings for noise abatement walls, CALVERO®’s range of products includes a full set of aluminum profiles as well as necessary accessories for shaping and structuring see-through panels.

Our offer also includes the construction of bent (arch) panels both transversally and longitudinally.