In order to meet the quality requirements set out for noise abatement walls in Poland and Europe, CALVERO® introduced Factory Production Control covering the process of manufacture of noise abatement wall quarters from systemic aluminum profiles (raw, anodized or painted in any RAL color) with a filling made of acrylic, polycarbonate or mineral glass.

Our Clients are companies dealing in the construction of roads and motorways as well as wholesalers carrying such a range of construction products, therefore, our manufacture is primarily focused on the execution of individual orders and not serial production.

In order to meet the legal requirements for admission and trading of construction materials on the Polish market, we perform organizational and control activities provided for in current technical specifications of individual products:

–  AT/2006-03-2114, AT/2006-03-1206 and AT/2008-03-0114 with reference to acoustic sheets,
–  PN-EN 14388:2009 with reference to acoustic panels, and
–  current laws.

CALVERO’s Factory Production Control is a continuous internal production control performed by CALVERO as the manufacturer, under which all the elements, requirements and provisions adopted by the manufacturer are systematically inspected and documented.